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    By Proxy Law, you are obliged to follow to following rules, specifically and exactly; otherwise, you shall be executed. Failure to follow the rules, without question, result not only in the loss of your life, but the promise of any kin to take your place, from birth. In this document, the term “Owner” shall henceforth refer to any being that retains ownership over a proxy, and the term “Proxy” shall henceforth refer to said individual thus owned.
    Law 1: All those who are adopted as Proxies to any being no longer have individual volition, also known as “free will”. As the Owner decrees, said Proxy shall perform, to standard, any decision or task they are commanded, without question.
    Law 2: Should said Proxy lose it's Owner, a new Owner may either claim said Proxy, or remove said Proxy from the environment.
    Law 3: Reins may be place
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                After hearing the news that their daughter and her voice, her parents rushed back home to be by her side. When they got there, what they saw they almost couldn’t believe. She had gone into deep state of shock and just laid there, motionless. Her mother wept at the sight of her daughter. She had hoped that her daughter would’ve grown into a very beautiful singer. Her father also wept at the sight of his little song bird. She was flightless without her voice. It tore his heart apart. She was released after a few months.  The doctors didn’t know how long she would stay like that. Dr. Valencia often visited their house to check on their daughter. It was almost a year when she finally came out of shock. She didn’t speak, so she wrote down her sentences.

     She was home schooled for two years before they decided it would be best to have her interacted with other people again. Her brother protested, reminding them of how the kids made fun of her height. She was very small, the other kids were taller than her.  She was only five feet, the others were taller than five feet. None of them passing six ft. Sure it wasn’t much of a difference, but she never passed any of their shoulders. She wondered how her parents found her. Did her real parents really not want her? She sighed while her brother argued with their parents.

“Do you want the same thing to happen to her again? What fi something even more serious happens this time?” He slammed his hands on the table.  He was sixteen now, which made her 14. She would be starting high school soon, but her brother had planned to have her home schooled this year, too.  She wrote down her idea and showed it to them.

“You want to go to Toby’s school? Well that would make it easier for Toby to allow you to go to high school. What do you thing Toby?” Her Mom asked.  He sighed

“That’s fine. I can keep an eye on her and make sure no one hurts her.” He agreed. She didn’t really want to go back to school, but she didn’t want to disappoint them. Toby didn’t approve so it would be a win-win if she went to Toby’s school. His school did open up to girls a few years ago, so it wouldn’t be a problem now.

                When the fall season came, she was nervous. She didn’t know if it would really be better than the last time. She didn’t want to feel powerless again. She let out a breath and looked at herself in the mirror. She had put a ribbon in her hair, it was white so it went well with her uniform.  She turned and saw just how long it had gotten in a year. It was down to her waist now. She was lost in thought when she heard a knock. She went to open it and saw Toby.

“Hey sis, you look great. Ready to go back to school?” He asked patting her head. She held up her note book.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there to make sure no one hurts you again.” He tells her confidentially.

“Kids, you’re gonna be late if you don’t hurry up!” Their mom called from the kitchen.  They ran down the stairs, grabbed some toast, and hopped into their dad’s car.

“Whoa kiddos! This isn’t a foot race.” Their dad laughed. He drove them to school.

    When they arrived she felt a strange tingle run through her.  She shook it off and got out of the car. Toby followed her to her classroom, seeing a few of his friends along the way.

“Toby! Hey, who’s this beauty?” Flan asked. Flan was Toby’s best friend. He often came to the house to hang out, but he had never met his sister.

“Oh, that’s right you’ve never met my little sister. Well this is my younger sister, sis this is Flan.”

“Well she sure is pretty, mind if I call you Beauty?” He asked. She shook her head.

“Huh, don’t speak do you? Well that’s okay. I don’t really like chatty girls. If my girlfriend were like you it would be much bet-OUCH!” A blonde girl came up and punched him in his side.

“It would be much what?” She glared at her, giving her a death stare.

“N-Nothing Flora. I’m just meeting my bud’s sister for the first time.” Flan said grabbing his side.

“Huh, well nice to meet you. I’m Flora, Flan’s girlfriend.” Flora extended her hand to her. She shook it and smiled. Flora walked closer, putting her mouth next to her ear.

“He’s mine so stay away from him, Beauty.” She whispered into her ear, sending chill down her spine. They walked away, leaving her standing still. Had she already made an enemy? Her brother patted her back, reassuring her that he had her back. They walked to her home room, it was at the far end of school. It’s where the freshmen classes were. When they walked in, all the kids stared at her. She gulped and walked to the teacher.

“Hello Ms. Howard. This is my sister, please make sure she doesn’t end up in any trouble.” He said to the gray haired woman. Ms. Howard was aware of Toby’s sister’s situation. She nodded and pointed to a seat in the corners on the room. It was next to the window. She thought it would be a lot better than two years ago. How wrong could she have been?


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